Hatam Ne? / Where Did I Go Wrong? (single)

by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol

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lyrics by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol HATAM NE? Yalnızlıktan sıkıldım derken aynaya Pek biçimsiz aksetmiş şeklim oraya Derdim derman bilmez Tanrım Senden olmaya Çare diler gönlüm Senden, hatam af ola Bana biraz yardım eyle gayrı dayanmam Sevdiğim dön bana daha sabretmem Hatam ne söylesen rahat edecem Gökte güneş geldin bana son gün olsa da Yollar bitmek bilmedi bir kez olsa da Pek aldattı güzel yüzün ve o gülüşün Yalanmış meğer hepsi buna üzüldüm Sebep ne anlasam gayrı sıkılmam? Sevdiğim dön... WHERE DID I GO WRONG? As I said to the mirror, 'I’m tired of being alone' My ugly reflection stared back at me There is no cure for my sorrow. Is it because of you, God? My soul begs for Your help. Forgive my failure. Help me out a bit here, as I can’t take this anymore. My love, return to me, I've lost all patience Where did I go wrong? Tell me and I'll be relieved. You came on a sunny day even if it was the last day. Even if it was just that one time we walked for hours, Your beautiful face and smile fooled me Too bad, turns out it was all a lie Had I known why, I wouldn’t be upset My love...
lyrics by Onur Türkmen AŞKI ÖĞRENDİM SENDEN Günler aylar yıllar bitse Sözler eriyip tükense yarim Gökte yıldızlar bile sönse Güneş yüzünü leyle dönse sevdiğim Korkarım vallah kederinden Korkarım gülmez gözlerin bir gün yeniden Aşkı öğrendim senden Ümit nedir bilmezdim ben Sır-ı hayatı görmezdim ben yarim Ben sevinci sende gördüm ilk buseyi senden aldım sevdiğim Korkarım... Biliyorum yaşamı sersek önümüze Farkı yok görüyorum, gülmek ve ağlamanın Ama hayat herşeyin ötesinde Sımsıcak seninle sımsıcak sevdiğim FROM YOU I LEARNED WHAT LOVE IS If days months years should pass And all words get used up my love, If the stars in the sky should disappear And the sun was to turn its face into the night my darling Honestly, I am afraid of your sorrow I am afraid your eyes will never light up again From you I learned what love is I had no idea what hope meant And did not know the secret of life my love, I discovered happiness with you And received my first kiss from you my darling Honestly... I know that if life lasts nothing but a minute I would see that there was no difference between laughing and crying Yet life is beyond everything Warmer with you my darling


These two songs which fuse American Soul music with Turkish traditional and pop musics were composed by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol in early 1997 as part of a larger Turkish pop music album project. That album was recorded in the Spring of 1997 however, it was never released. This past Summer Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol found the original ADAT tapes in the basement of his parents' house and transferred these two pieces onto digital platform in order to release them after 17 years.


released January 23, 2014

produced by Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol
co-produced by Christian Fabian, Onur Türkmen, Cengiz Baysal and Ergin Özler.
Original tracks were recorded by Mark Tanzer in 1997 at Blue Jay Studios, Carlisle, MA and by Erkin Hadimoğlu at VTR Studios, Istanbul, Turkey.
Additional tracks and Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol's vocals were recorded in 2013 by John Weston at Futura Productions, Roslindale, MA.
Mixed and mastered by John Weston at Futura Productions.


all rights reserved



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